The inner world is also going round and round: Intermittent silence is the way

I sat down

For 10 minutes of my intermittent silence

Give rest to my brain

Explore my inner universe

Closed my mouth and closed my eyes

Silent listening to all the sound 

And silent watching of all the thoughts

Watching myself as a third person

Time was ticking, I was unaware

There was a timer on my app, the Relaxx App

While I was sitting in silence

The world was going round and round

The sun was shining, the moon was hiding

Planets were doing what they did

Spaceships continued on

My son was working somewhere

My daughter was probably driving

Grand kids were perhaps in school

Or, on their computers

The world was going round and round

I was exploring my inner universe

Finding the source

Feeling the force

Knowing better my inner universe

Slowly and slowly, peace was felt

New doors starting to open

And, now I felt

The inner world going round and round

Yes, while we are busy 

Living and working in the outer world

Our inner world continues to go round and round

Intermittent silence is the way

Let’s come together

Ten minutes a day

Feeling the inner universe go round and round

Giving us the energy and force

That helps to keep us going and growing

In the outer world

That keeps going round and round.

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