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Feel The Force

Established in 2020

The Relax Infinity app (formerly called Relaxx) provides guided and unguided meditation routines and other tools needed to turn off the brain and escape the world for (at least) a few minutes every day. The app aims to create an individualized experience where users can learn the art of intermittent silence and much more. While this action might not seem significant at first, you’ll begin to notice a difference in the way you see the world and how others see you. 

Concepted and created by Krishna Bhatta, M.D., Relax app contributes to wellness and health in myriad ways. Bhatta began his meditation journey well before medical school and the two have intertwined throughout the years.

Ancient & Modern Knowledge Meet

He has taken inspiration and built knowledge from a wide range of mentors when it comes to both medicine and meditation. He found the practice of mindfulness meditation extremely helpful. He feels strongly that there are many components to living the best life possible and achieving positive mental health.

Looked upon as a teacher and a guru, Bhatta explores the outer reaches of the inner universe while staying grounded in the physical world. He has traveled the world and studied with the best minds of ancient spirituality and modern medicine. He believes that by bringing silence, mindfulness and meditation into our lives, we are more able to withstand the rigors of day-to-day life—not hide from them.

It’s this unhesitating willingness to look everywhere for answers, not just along well-trodden paths, Bhatta identified the need for a way to spread mindfulness and meditation in today’s world. He launched a series of popular online workshops and despite their success, still felt a disconnect when it came to sharing what he has learned with the world at large.


Spreading the Word

One day, he began to peruse various meditation-centered apps, and, feeling like they lacked the depth key to the process, he decided to create and launch Relax Infinity app. Now, the app has grown in its capabilities and in reaching more and more people, bringing spiritual growth to people around the world. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings about the app once you’ve tried it, and together we’ll keep marching toward greater mindfulness and a better world all around


To create a healthier, harmonious and happier world through individual transformation.


To support everyone in personal growth and wellbeing.


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