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Immerse yourself in tranquility with the Relax Infinity app, offering both guided and unguided meditation routines designed to elevate your mind and spirit. Relax is your sanctuary to escape the daily hustle and find peace, even if only for a few precious minutes each day. Tailored to your unique needs, this app is more than just a meditation tool—it’s an invitation to experience the art of intermittent silence and deep awareness. As you incorporate this practice into your life, you’ll notice a shift in your perspective and how others perceive you.


Dr. Krishna Bhatta: The Mind-Body Connection Expert

Meet Dr. Krishna Bhatta, the visionary behind Relax Infinity. With expertise in both medicine and meditation, Dr. Bhatta is on a mission to revolutionize health and wellness. His meditation journey began even before his medical career, and he has since integrated mindfulness principles into his practice. Inspired by a diverse range of mentors and experiences, Dr. Bhatta passionately believes in holistic well-being, which includes positive mental health.

Silence, Mindfulness, and Meditation: The Path to Inner Harmony

For Dr. Krishna Bhatta, achieving inner harmony means embracing silence, mindfulness, and meditation. By combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge, he has uncovered the transformative power of these practices. Grounded in the physical world while exploring the depths of the inner self, Dr. Bhatta emphasizes the importance of integrating silence and mindfulness into daily life. It’s not about escaping life’s challenges but building the resilience to navigate them with grace.


From Workshops to Worldwide Impact: The Birth of Relax Infinity

Driven by a desire to spread mindfulness and meditation globally, Dr. Krishna Bhatta embarked on a journey that led to the creation of the Relax Infinity app. Dissatisfied with existing meditation apps, he aimed to fill the void by offering a platform that delves deeper into the spiritual journey. As the app continues to evolve and reach more people worldwide, it serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth and mindfulness. Join us on this journey toward greater mindfulness and a better world for all.


To create a healthier, harmonious and happier world through individual transformation.


To support everyone in personal growth and wellbeing.


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