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How to relax? The goal of the Relax Infinity app is to help those who use it to find the calm center of their being, ready to deal with crises life throws at all of us. It works in conjunction with nature and your inner self to help swim with, rather than against, the current. 

Relax is a technological adaptation of centuries-old practices and ways of being, to foster growth in both mind and body and to develop the absolute best “you” in every respect. Use the app on a regular basis to power mental and physical growth. It’s a first step toward inner tranquility—a beginning of a spiritual journey, not the end. 

Never-Ending Evolution

In ancient philosophy that’s still very much in practice today, general wisdom states that there can be no growth without a guru. However, when you need a guru, the guru will appear. You must be ready to take that wisdom into your heart and this app is the perfect first step toward that end. 

The search for mind and body becoming a positive whole will hinge on the intensity of your search, and how much you are willing to put into it. The intensity of search and desire is an individual characteristic; not everyone has the same path to health and wellness. 

Infinity With the Relax app, you can engineer your own journey, growing from a seed into a tall tree. As collective humanity discovers this paradigm, together we will grow into a forest: all connected, all-knowing, and all-loving. 

Physical Body

The physical body is an essential element in spiritual growth, be it of the conscious mind or the inner flame. It’s incredibly important to maintain a healthy, comfortable and relaxed body. A balanced diet and an exercise routine will go a long way toward providing a strong physical vessel in which our minds and spirits can grow and prosper. 

Energy Body

The energy body, or the prana body, has been recognized by cultures throughout time and around the globe. The Chinese call it Qi. The Japanese, Ki. Whatever name is given to the energy body, it’s important to conserve, create and share energy with ourselves and those around us. Relax offers multiple meditations to help focus chakras—the energy centers of the body. 

Mind is a friend

All that you are, all that you will be, is controlled by the conscious mind and the thoughts that pass through it like fireflies in a dark field at night. Using Relax Infinity app to create discipline and give your mind pathways to follow makes it a friend rather than an enemy. Negative thoughts, judgments, and anxiety leave the mind unfocused. As a result, negative emotions may take over. Instead, we strive for positive emotions powered by constructive thinking to help us make decisions (or not!) and control our bodies for the better. 

The Flame (of consciousness)

Consciousness is both universal and individual. As collective humanity, we can make the world a better, more peaceful place; as an individual, we can contribute to that cause for everyone. That individual consciousness is the inner flame. It’s within all of us but is not the soul or the physical body. It’s not the spirit or the mind. The inner flame is intangible, but something we all have within and can access with time and effort. The flame is aware of everything in our world and connects us to deeper levels of consciousness. 

Intermittent Silence

Intermittent silence is a term our founder, Dr. Krishna Bhatta, uses to represent taking a break from life in order to live more fully. Resting one’s brain begins by closing the mouth. Stay without words for ten minutes, then close the eyes so that the visual pathways are not stimulated. This allows true rest to occur in minutes. Listening in silence and hearing sounds without judgement or response allows the auditory path to rest. The goal of this resting state is to allow thoughts to surface and linger without drowning out the rest of your thinking. When this state is achieved, the brain can truly relax as new doors are opened. 


In simple terms, meditation includes time that you spend with yourself, be it sitting quietly in your home, in a spiritual temple as defined by you, or beside a flowing river. There are thousands of meditation techniques ranging from guided voice, music or mantras to breathing and other various techniques. Meditation is your journey from thoughts to no thoughts. During meditation, there are no waves, or other environmental stimuli, and no mind-noises to distract us from our inner flame.