Why Relax

The Journey To Purpose

Mindfulness meditation and the practice of silence is essential to resting the brain and is also an opportunity to spend time with ourselves, to get to know what’s going on across our interior mental landscape. Often, when we are alone, we spend that time calling or texting, instead of allowing silence into our lives through mindfulness meditation. 

This doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the current go-go-all-the-time culture, but it does mean that that we can reap the benefits of silence through giving just 10 minutes of our day to ourselves as a self-healing gift. 

While gurus and other mental health practitioners counsel completely checking out of the physical world and devoting all of our time to building spirituality and our inner flame, this isn’t always possible. Instead, these are tools we can use to help us be more productive within our on-the-go culture. 

Anyone can reap these benefits. You don’t have to change your entire life around, but Relaxx app is a tool that can help organize life to achieve greater purpose.  

General Purpose

We all have a general purpose: we go to school, find and work jobs, spend time and energy on life partners, children and so on. We strive to do these well and excel in our own fields, but to do so takes work—just like physical exercise. 

Higher Purpose

We all have a higher purpose: helping others, creating unique and wonderful enterprises of all kinds, and giving more to society than we take out of it. A life without a higher purpose is a life that’s not as enlightening to ourselves and others as it should be. 

Deeper Purpose

Mindfulness is a personal journey to explore the inner you, to discover your inner flame and individual consciousness. The more deeply rooted you are, the more you can contribute to your own higher purpose and that of society as a whole. 

Workplace Wellness

Everyone has a journey in life and there are times when that journey can leave us lost and confused, especially in our professional endeavors. Relax Infinity app is designed to help both aspiring and highly successful people become mindful of their career journey and find increased success as a result. 

Relax Infinity Workplace Wellness Options: 

  • Pain Management 
  • Mental Health 
  • Using Time Wisely 

Relax Infinity App: a Companion For Difficult Life Journeys: 

  • Journey of a Veteran
  • Journey of a Cancer Patient
  • Journey of an Athlete 
  • Journey of a Correction Officer 
  • More on the way! 

School Wellness

Education has always been a rewarding, if stressful endeavor. Like most things in life that bring huge rewards, thriving at all levels of schooling requires tending to the health of the body and the mind. Unfortunately, there is more stress than ever placed on students from the early grades to those seeking advanced degrees. Relax Infinity app can help students of all ages survive and thrive! 

Relax  Infinity School Wellness Options: 

  • Stress Management 
  • Increased Resiliency 
  • Positive Impacts: Learning, Memory, Social Skills
  • Overall Mental & Physical Health 

Our school-related content includes: 

  • Relaxation Techniques: Students, Teachers & parents 
  • Understanding And Directing Thoughts & Thinking 
  • Calming Breathing Techniques For Teachers