General questions

Meditation can be done anytime.  Anytime is better than no-time.  However, it is best done at dawn or dusk.  It is best to pick one meditation and do it at same time and at same place every day.  After some time, the body, mind, flame, the place and time starts waiting for the meditation to happen.  You can feel it.  Hard to explain!

Yoga-nidra meditation is best suitable to be done just while going to sleep. Om chakra and chakra 20, 33, and 46 also work very well at night.  Some meditations i.e. Power chakra should be avoided at night because they may interfere from sleeping.  Those are best done in morning.  As the name (Power chakra) suggests, it may produce energy that will keep you vibrant and awake.

Most important is for the body to be comfortable.  Sitting on chair with cushion is fine.  A straight back, neck and head  helps reduce gravity effects.    Lying down on the back with hands on the side also works well.  Some meditations i.e.e yoga-nidra are best done lying down.  Sitting down with crossed leg and one palm over the other is the classic position.  The idea behind is energy conservation.

 Sitting crossed legs, one palm over the other is meant to keep energy circulating within the body.  An upright body with straight back and neck provide least gravitational pull on the body while meditating.  Sitting on a non conducting surface prevents energy drainage.  Furthermore, if the meditation is done in same place and same time, the place becomes charged with energy and is more conducive to entering meditation in future.

I prefer to close the eyes for most meditations. Some people suggest half closed eyes, almost looking at the tip of the nose.  Some meditations require you to keep eyes open i.e. Tratak, while others want you to close your eyes i.e. yoga-nidra

If possible, have a special room or corner for meditation.  This place in time gets charged and develops positive vibrations which help future meditations.

The simple answer is yes.  The effect of meditation gets augmented because everyone is in similar mindset and subtle vibrations from each other have a potentiated effect.  Hard to prove but can be experienced.



Our body has 5 layers according to Patanjali yoga sutra.  Physical body or the food body (anna) is the first and the energy body is the life energy body (prana).  Chinese call it Qi and Japanese call it Ki.  They also have done a lot of research in the field.  Our focus is on chakras.

We are experts in wasting energy.  The best example is anger; a lot of energy is lost in anger and other negative emotions.  You may feel drained after negative emotions and hence it is important to conserve energy.

Symptoms of low energy are evident by the physical body and the mind.  Getting irritated easily, feeling down or depressed, getting stressed easily, burnout and not feeling very well are all symptoms of low energy.  It’s similar to physical body being compromised; you may not feel well, have temperature, experience pain and so on.  This is also akin to having less money or resources; you become limited in what you can have or pursue.

you can always have more energy similar to money and health; you can always have more money or your body can always be in a better shape.  However, a healthy body does not have any symptoms, when you have enough money, money looses value and when you have enough energy, you don’t experience stress or you do not burnout.A healthy body and a healthy mind simply exist; they don’t send any warning signals.

Similar to money, you want to spend your energy wisely.  It’s good to know where and how your your energy is spent and then learn and practice to conserve it.  One simple practice to understand conserving energy is not speaking.  Just be without words for one day of the week.  Become a minimalist and speak only if there is an emergency.  You will realize how much energy you can save by this simple exercise.  

We did not know that solar energy or the wind energy can be harnessed.  Now we know.  Similarly, there is energy all around us for the energy body too.  All we have to do it to be open for it to charge us.  I encourage practice of intermittent silence in the nature.  Energy from all around can be experienced and it will gladly be available to you if you let it in.  that can be part of the practice of your intermittent silence.

Relaxx App has several chakra based meditations that help create energy by working on the seven chakras in the body.