It’s Time to Relaxx

This is a time in the world where everyone is looking for internal healing from the stresses of life. Many people are talking about a need for change and the desire to live life from a different experience. The founder of the Relaxx App and the Author of Signal Secrets have gotten together to bring internal healing to thousands of people.

Listen in on this show premiere as the two of them tell how they met and how the Relaxx App was born. These two have a dynamic synergy you will fall in love with! Dr. K summed it up best,

“I’m really excited and full of joy about bringing this show to everybody.”

Dr. K

During this show they bring us a conversation about things like:

  1. Intermittent Silence, what it is, and how it is beneficial to others
  2. Thoughts around energy and vibrations
  3. Flower moments what they are and how those moments became the phrase “cauliflower moments”
  4. Peaceful moments what it means and so much more

During this show we also learn about their books:

“Now imagine yourself easily navigating through life’s changes and stress from a soul level for insights into the journey of the human soul.”

Dr. K Journey From Life to Life

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“Your world is colored with beliefs, values, and illusions which interpret how you process the signals you’ve received from others. Now there’s a way in which you can quickly learn how to interpret these signals correctly and without self-sabotaging yourself in the process.”

Dan Riordin – Signals

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