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Physical Body

Physical body is essential for any growth, be it of the mind or the flame.  Therefore, it is super important to maintain a healthy, comfortable and relaxed body.  a balanced diet and an exercise routine will go a long way.

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Energy Body

Energy body or the prana body is recognized by various cultures.  Chinese call it Qi while Japanese call it Ki.  We can start by conserving energy, creating energy and sharing energy.  Relaxx has various meditations that focus on the chakras which are energy centers in the body.  

Mind is a friend

Your mind and your thoughts control everything. Your mind can be your friend or your enemy, if you let it. If you allow negative thoughts, judgments, and worry in, then your mind can become focused on these things. And every day, thousands upon thousands of thoughts are zipping through our brains—these thoughts make us feel certain emotions, they help us make decisions (or not make decisions), and they have the power to control our bodies.


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The Flame (of consciousness)

When we think of or hear about consciousness, we imagine of a universal consciousness.  There is also present an individual consciousness that I refer to as our flame. The flame is something within all of us but it is not your soul, or your physical body. It’s not your spirit or your mind. The flame is something intangible but something that we all have and can get to.  The flame provides the core strength to our being.  Awareness goes with the flame similar to mindfulness going with the mind. The flame is aware of everything and is also connected with deeper levels of consciousness.


Intermittent silence

Intermittent silence is a term Dr. Bhatta uses to represent taking a break from life.  The process of resting one’s brain begins by closing your mouth.  You stay without words for 10 minutes.  Then close your eyes, so your visual pathway is not stimulated, and rest can occur.  Listening in silence and hearing sounds without judgment or response allows the auditory path to rest. The ultimate goal in this resting state is to allow thoughts to pass without paying attention. When you achieve this state, the brain can truly relax, and new doors start opening.

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Meditation in simple terms is anytime that you spend with yourself, be it sitting quietly on the back of  your house, in a spiritual corner of  home or temple, or besides a flowing river.  There are, therefore, hundreds and thousands of meditation techniques, ranging from guided voice, music or mantras to breathing or various other techniques. Meditation is your journey from thoughts to no thoughts. During meditation, there are no thoughts, no waves, and no mind-noises.