Relax Infinity Centering Course

Cultivating Resilience, Harmony And Creativity

A 6 Week Mindfulness And Meditation Course

Starts Monday January 22, 2024

Who is this course for?

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    Anyone on a Wellness Journey
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    Leaders and Individuals
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    Beginners and Advanced Meditators
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    Healthcare & Wellness Professionals
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    HR Professionals
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    Educators and Students

What will you learn?


Setting Clear Intention

The Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlisle said, “We don’t fear extinction, we fear extinction without meaning.” This entails having a purpose in life and being true to one’s values.


Growing Quality Relationships

Develop caring relationships in home life, work life, and community at large.


Cultivating Positive Attitude

Change your attitude—change your life


Developing a Sense of Control

When asked the question “Who is in charge, the world or you?” the hardy personality’s answer is “Me.


Accelerating Creativity

As the mind becomes less cluttered with random thoughts during meditation, you can access deeper layers of consciousness and tap into your creativity.


Balancing Perspective

The hardy personality keeps life in perspective and doesn’t get upset over small matters.

Course Instructors

Dr. Krishna Bhatta

Founder CEO Relax Inc, Urologist (Former Chief) Northern Light Urology Bangor ME

Mike Bennett

Vice President of Cianbro Companies.

Rob Followell

President and Executive Coach, The Followell Company, LLC

Geraldine “Jerry” Anathan

Executive Coach

George Manning

Professor Emeritus Psychology.

Course Curriculum

6 Weeks | 1 hour sessions | At home retreat (One Sunday with a Guided Schedule)


Week 1

  • Setting Intention
  • Infinity Breathing
  • Talk - Setting the Foundation
  • 432M Meditation
  • Discussion

Week 2

  • Setting Intention
  • Infinity Breathing
  • Talk - Finding Calm Amidst Chaos
  • 528M Meditation
  • Discussion

Week 3

  • Setting Intention
  • Infinity Breathing
  • Talk - Unlocking Your Creativity
  • 720M Meditation
  • Discussion

Week 4

  • Setting Intention
  • Infinity Breathing
  • Talk - Mastering Your Emotions
  • 594M Meditation
  • Discussion

Week 5

  • Setting Intention
  • Infinity Breathing
  • Talk - Professional Wellbeing
  • Humming Meditation
  • Discussion

Week 6

  • Setting Intention
  • Infinity Breathing
  • Talk - Weaving it All Together
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Discussion

What’s included?

  • Six weeks of interactive live sessions with an instructor, including an orientation.
  • A full day retreat that you can participate in from the comfort of your home.
  • Complimentary one-year subscription to Relax Infinity.
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of the Relax Infinity training along with a digital badge.
  • Enjoy a one-week unconditional refund guarantee, valid after the course commences.
  • The opportunity to include one-on-one coaching sessions with the instructor.

Upcoming Course Details

Start Date
Monday, January 22, 2024

11 am EST

Course Duration
6 Weeks

Class Duration
60 Minutes


At Home Retreat
Sunday, February 4, 2024

Course Fee