5 Tips to cope with a stressful day

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music is proven to be effective for relaxation and stress management. It has an effect on our emotions and body. A piece of upbeat music can make you feel motivated and positive about life. Mellow music can make you feel relaxed and at ease. We have different preferences when it comes to music. When you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things that are going around you, your comfort music can help you soothe your emotions and help you with your stress.

Meditate and Comfort Yourself

Relaxing your mind by clearing your worries and breathing deeply can put your mind to rest and help you to think from a different perspective. Sometimes with too many things going on with our lives we just don’t know the things that we should prioritize. We tend to be burned out with our career and our lives but you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. Rest when you need to rest. Your body will give you signals. Motivate yourself by saying comforting words such as “keep going”, “it’s okay you got this”, and little by little you will find yourself calmer than before.

Eat Healthy Foods

Stress affects blood pressure and blood flow in a negative way. When we’re overwhelmed we tend to eat sugary, fatty snacks and other unhealthy foods that affect our well-being.
Eating nutritious foods can help improve blood flow in our bodies. Eating foods that are rich in omega 3 and sufficient vitamins are beneficial to our brain and help us think clearer and relieve stress altogether.

Exercise and Do Stretching

Moving your body on a regular basis balances the nervous system and increases blood circulation, helping to flush out stress hormones. A short walk or simple stretching can provide relief when you are stressed.

Connect to Optimistic People

When everything stresses you out we just need someone to lean on. A good friend, coach or mentor that lifts up your spirit in a positive way can do wonders. Talking about your problems to someone you can trust releases hormones that reduce stress.

There will be some good days and bad days in our lives and that is fine. We just have to manage and do everything that we can do to keep going. We hope these simple tips can help you with your stress management.

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